Know ME….

Anyways, one of my blog’s article would have told much about me but not everything about me… Here is my complete profile to know about the “What” in “I am What I am….”

Besides hating a comparison and a similarity of identity with anyone, I am someone who wants to be INDEPENDENT irrespective of all criticisms and blockades… International readers would  wonder why would Independence have any criticism…??? But someone who is used to the Indian Society wonders that question back… It is mandatory in India for a FEMALE to be dependent on someone, preferably a MALE….. In the name of SAFETY… In India, a FEMALE cannot (its actually SHOULD NOT) protect herself…. So, I just want to cross all these and stand Independent throughout my life….

The next important thing about me that the society would often misunderstand is that my personality is influenced by my friends and my reading habits and the silver screen… And that personality is obviously not accepted or wondered by the  long long ago, nobody can tell how long ago, framed norms…. But, something unique about me is I take my own decisions and design my own personality irrespective of any opposite poles being my close acquaintance, reading material or a video… I just celebrate the already formed similarities and respect the existing differences… But never frame a new one, based on the relationship….

I can proudly tell myself to be a blunder of RATIONALISTIC and ARTISTIC person… My greater interest is towards arts…. But I need not hate science… The greater liking is towards modernism… But I don’t have to burn traditions… My greater respect is for love marriage… But I need not oppose arranged marriages blindly… I am a FEMALE… But I need not be a FEMINIST who hates Males… There is always the problem of staying away from opposites… But only a rational person can stay too close without being affected nor affecting it… I am a rational person… 🙂

On the whole… I follow my HEART… Even if the whole world is against a point which my heart accepts, I just go by it… No stoppings… 🙂