Writing “on” someone from the heart is as exciting as writing “to” someone, for me… And this is “on” and “to” a dark pretty fairy…. Fairies need not always be with wings, wearing a flowing gown with stars twinkling in their eyes… A fairy can be a Nerd Bookworm, with shining light on an almost rectangular pair of spectacles, wearing a full hand cotton salwar…


PC: The fairy

A fairy’s dimensions need not always be limited. My dark fairy is extremely, too lean and has an unusually lengthy smile. Her hands don’t hold a wand to do a magic. A paint brush does it instead… And down here is the “magic” of “miracle”…..

For theists, apart from God and for atheists, apart from air, nothing else could be Omnipresent. At least, definitely not a human being. But her “magic” broke the rule and made me a “miracle”…. I am her “Miss. Omnipresent” and she is my “Mrs. Omnipresent” now…. :P.


A hint of proposal, a recognition and request responded with the weirdest proposal and that followed by a positive reply and instant marriage within 32 minutes.. But, the depth of our togetherness actually has to wait till our 40th year of birth to be measured… Because, that is when I can prove that a fairy need not always be in her teens, but also in her 40s…. These years will be the documentation of her approved trust on me and the acknowledgement signed by her with a forever love…


And she is someone who dared to come into my loneliness so soon and adapted to my stupidity and anger and still loves me and being loved by me…

Rahman’s music played without volume is such a pity… Same way is being invisible and omnipresent. She saw my omnipresence visibly and also gave a certificate… I was everywhere in the college for her…. Now, her magic is in every page of my books.. And this shiny dark nerd bookworm fairy is now… In my life…. We have a long fairy tale to live… And now we are….



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