“Wow..!. Beautiful..!” Isn’t it..? The instant exclamation on the sight of this picture would be “What a lovely butterfly…!!!” or similar. Of course.. It’s refreshing and rejoicing to see butterflies… Probably, it is the only insect that is loved widely by everyone…. And, obviously, this one is really really lovely…. But, do you think it is “lively”…?? Yes, it appears “lively” but it is not “alive”…

The butterfly is a deceased one… I realised it only after testing it with a touch… Before that, I had this same illusional prejudice… I had the same shock reaction that you are having right now… But, on the hopefully positive side, it has left a message… And that message is right on the top, in bigger font and in caps… Just like this butterfly are loads of human beings… I swear I didn’t mean the negative way…. Like… Nobody can be trusted and so on… I just wish to focus the positive and grief stricken sides of people…

Many people we come across in life show a huge length of variation between the appearance they show and the reality inside them…. Not every person we see smiling is a happy person. Starting from our parents till our colleagues, everyone owns a mask. A daddy who comes home at night with hand full of presents and lips full of smiles may actually have been embarrassed at the office for some reason. A host at a house we visit, besides her bright greetings would probably be physically ill and above all, she might be feeling weary that there is no one to look after her. A newly wedded bride, apart from all the excitements, deep inside is missing her home. A sales representative, who accepted your ignorance with a smile, is probably an MBA graduate who has stuck in this job. The most humorous person in your friends circle is an orphan. And many more….

Some people we meet, don’t even show up a smile sometimes… A grief-stricken face they put up… And, there is more even in that… For them, it is the maximum they could do because just a thin layer inside, their emotions are fighting to overcome a major disaster in their life. It is possible that they have lost the only hope in their life or maybe they are abandoned by the person they trusted the most. Or worse, the source of their primary talent or livelihood is torched.

In these contexts, if we come across a person with love failure, the common reaction has now become sarcasm. Because, it has become something common and those affected are the ones blamed. It might be more common these days, but, that doesn’t make the pain any lesser intense.  This eastern society is used to looking down upon people with love failures. But, they are the strongest people coming up in life. Overcoming the thoughts of suicide and forgetting a person who has given memories, is never an easy task. They are the ones facing double challenge. People are looked down upon by this society for falling in love, which means they are looked down upon their quality of decision making and choosing their life partner. Here, making a choice on own is turned down to be a taboo.

There are more of misinterpretations. Like, a boy who cried is judged to be a coward and a girl who doesn’t cry is judged to be arrogant. People who respond with rage are branded “unfit” to the society. An unmarried adult is certified to be “sexually” deficient. (A society being pride of its culture has its culture confined in “sex”). Lots of etceteras.

But these might not be as the way they are judged. The fact is that no one else except the person themselves can judge or change certain qualities of them. One such quality could be what we judged from the outside.

Organizational Behavior says, people have to wear masks to hide or manage the emotions situationally. Psychology says, inject the situational emotions genuinely. But, the truth is, neither a masked nor an injected emotion defines the actual person. The commands of these subjects may be necessarily useful at workplaces, in a trade. But, this society demands the same in personal life too, leaving no human being to stay true. At last, it ends up in larger bunch of fake human beings and the helpless genuine minorities are considered “Abnormal”. It would even be good if they just stop with a consideration, but steps ahead, these “abnormal” people are adversely attacked with commentaries. And, they always forget the essence of the title.

Dear Society,

Before you comment on any person, remember to be aware of their age. Because, they have that many years of history in their life, in which any point would have made them behave that way.




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