And Blipp.. Blip… Blp…Bp…pp…p…. The lights of the fireworks have finally faded…. Still, I can hear yet more bursts at the 11th hour despite the rule of time limit as 10th hour of Diwali night. And hope that fades soon and stops. Colourful dresses, multi-flavoured savouries, noisy and bright crackers, celebrity shows, new movies etc… And yet another Diwali is successfully celebrated. And what other things have happened successfully….??

In the fresh blissful or blissless morning of this Diwali, there was orange, red, yellow hue on sky. But, were there any birds…?? Even if there were, no bird would have stayed at a place. A flying bird today is not a sign of happiness or migration or freedom. That was a sign of “atrocity” or “trouble” or a “chase”. Yesterday, while I was having my afternoon nap, so peacefully immersed in a moderate dream, my brain suddenly reacted to a stimulus and that was the sound of a cracker. Penetrating the walls and door of my room, deep into my sleep, a cracker can reach my ears and disturb my brain. And I am a human being, large enough to tolerate it. But, what about the fragile birds…? The insects….?? The bees…?? Did we know that the sound of crackers could not only scare but even kill all these creatures..?? Those little creatures’ hearts are prone to attacks by the cracker sounds. But, is this information going to make any difference…?? We all are very well aware that these crackers are not manufactured by machines but manually. And within those manual workers are little children who have a heavy absenteeism record at school for this work.  And the workers are not professionals who are carefully advanced in chemicals handling. They are the unskilled and uneducated workers who are not even provided with a pair of gloves. This job has never missed a year without providing jobs to fire service people. There is always an annually recurring fire accident. And then.. Here comes something we learnt in the middle school. Types of Pollution: Air pollution, Water pollution, Land Pollution, Noise Pollution. Your bright, colourful crackers contribute to all of these. Air pollution and noise pollution is obvious. Regarding the land and water pollution, I would like to reveal that even the production wastage is not wasted and it contributes its part to the remaining pollutions.

I just don’t get the point. Diwali was celebrated during the Krishna Avatar period. Krishna Avatar was during 2000 BC. Definitely, the celebration would have included the cloths, sweets, dishes, lamps etc. And the TV shows have now become unavoidable as it is a part of routine. But, where did the crackers emerge from. Or to be more specific, “when” did they emerge…?? Definitely there would not have been crackers those times. So, when did it come and why…?? Is it to kill the fragile creatures…?? To spoil children’s education and torch human lives…?? To damage the environment…?? Well…. Diwali is celebrated on the event of assassination of one person, Naragasura by Lord Krishna for he troubled the human lives (this background of the festival need not necessarily be true). But, who would come to kill every one of us who burst crackers and creates troubles to the birds and insect species…? And when will that happen…?? And when that happens, what will that day be called…?? How will those species celebrate it…??

Well, we don’t even bother about human lives, what difference is the birds’ life going to make….?? But when birds, insects, species are endangered, we are in grave danger. Now it bothers right…??

Anyways, this Diwali, we have all successfully reduced yet some more sustainability of the planet and of our future generations. Still, concentrating on the couples, who don’t have a child on their first wedding anniversary.



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