dscn1157We could have heard such an annoyed voice uttering the above statement. Unfortunately, it’s because that now-a-days, the “To-do list” never consists of components called breakfast, lunch, dinner, nap etc. Even if it has, that’s the exceptional part which can skip strict adherence. And from those deviations are these statements projected. Another common statement in analogy with this would be regarding the balances among various tasks. Whether the person may be a working employee or a home maker, the work-life balance is a common issue. After all, for a home maker, the responsibility of the family is a “work” and the responsibility of themselves is their “life”. But, sadly, that is not the way it is considered. Anyways, the “regrets” -wise it is matched on the contexts.

These regretful statements… Are they really true as much as their frustration appears to be….?? Is the meaning of the sentence the real cause of the effect….?? Oh Come on… Now I’m not getting into even more boring and frustrating lessons of “Time Management”… ( That’s what you thought I was about to say. Right…?? )  This is something else anyway….

In the analysis of things like these, if we stick on just to managerial theories, concepts and solutions, then we are actually missing out the element.

The problems need to be focused based on Social sciences too. Being more of a sociologist or psychologist helps better in figuring out.

Most of the people showing this frustration, have actually made up an artificial cause that which they mention. Primarily, “I don’t even have time to eat”. This is not about they have no time. But it’s about they “don’t want” that time and they actually like the “no time”. For their liking, it’s just simply they skip the job of the time or pull up some other job to fill up that time. So, they can be called a “hard working person”, a “workaholic” or whatever nice words can describe a human’s sacrifice over their own personal needs. People find it happy when they are branded as a person capable of sacrificing.

At the end of this paragraph, if I were a reader.. Yes, I would have reacted the same way you want to react now. A commentary of abuse about these people runs in our mind after knowing this. But, why should that be valid…?? It definitely need not be..

Because, those thoughts of those people is something right. The intention is actually reasonable and noble. Why? Because, they try to give us what they want.

Usually, don’t we people think that people who sacrifice things are actually worthy people….?? Is it not true that, only people who are always found to be busy are given a broader recognition….?? So, it has become the case that if someone wants to be recognized or even respected for their work, they have to sacrifice something… Or at least appear to sacrifice, artificially. Only then the person is recognized, their job is respected…. Increment, promotion, appreciation, felicitation all happens… And so they are obliged to create such an image by force.

And this indicates that….


So, why isn’t that we can’t change these artificial projections…??

It’s not going to cost us to give a word of appreciation to any work which has just been perfectly done. It’s not time consuming to recognize your colleague. It’s not that the boss should be the only person to do it. Recognition is recognition, no matter, from whom it comes. Just recognize, appreciate and thank. Just an execution of every single work deserves an appreciation or recognition. Sacrifice is not necessarily the qualification for it. It’s okay even if it’s for no reason. There’s at least a reason that it would make someone happy and will prevent them from deliberately skipping their meals….:)



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