The unknown wellknown

On any background, even the simplest black and white or any shade of dullness, patching up a bright hue on it, kicks the excitement engine of human mind…. And what kind of a brightness is that…..???

A pure white shade…. Embosed with a upper round and lower horizontal magnetic scarlet and the whole structure topped and bottomed with a colorful confusion….

What might that be….???

Of course, it is my blog name…. :D…. Joker :-D……

The above description is all we know about a joker… A joker is a funny “thing” that laughs and makes us laugh… A clown or joker is the stress reliever for adults and a sitter for babies…. A joker is just incredibly funny, colorful, playful, joyous, energetic and even stupid…. This is all we know about a joker…. But that doesn’t mean “A Joker” is well known….

And hence, this is an article of the unknown about the well known….


A joker is just not funny…. He/She has a serious responsibility to fulfill at the present background….

A joker may be colorful… But his/her life lacks one color, “Green”, the color of money….

The rags that wear those colors are not their “costume”….. But their “Clothing”….

A joker appears to be playful…. But they might have probably missed all the games of their childhood….

A joker of course, has to be joyous in front of your eyes…. But deep inside their heart, there lies a stock of sorrows you are not even introduced to….

A joker is active and energetic during performance…. But they and their families have actually missed their breakfast and not sure about the sufficiency of money for lunch…..

A joker is ultimately STUPID…. But he/she is the only person who can criticize all the brilliance in this world without even us knowing that it is a criticism….

The brilliance of a political leader has looted the people…. We can state it… But only they can “Prove” it…

The brilliance of a businessman would have sucked the labor…. We can guess it… But only they can “Show” it…

The brilliance of some anonymous ancestor has created some stupidest stereotypes and chauvinistic traditions…. We can follow it… But only they can “Make you Unfollow it”….

Anyways…. They can prove and show it… But they are not allowed to “Influence” it…

They can “Make you unfollow it”…. But they are not accepted to follow the unfollowing… And so they do not unfollow either…



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