It’s been 3 weeks since I created this blog and published upto 5 posts in it…. Now I’m into this new post which I should have actually made the first one… :P. My self introduction….. Anyways…. Better late than never…

Creating a blog as an assignment may be just a task to do…. But continuing with it is definitely a PASSION to build…. So, this is what is the short history of my blog creation and updation, before going into a long ‘her’story of me….

Being born as a female might not and CANNOT be my choice… That is purely the game of chromosomes played by God with my parents as proxys… And I can’t afford to change it too… It’s something beyond a modification…. But choosing the factors of my life is definitely my choice… MY LIFE MY CHOICES….Not just a ‘choice’ but ‘choices’… Apart from the eye wash that take place for a female at her home like, the affection, pampering, care, protection offered by the family…. I am bound to figure out the “eye” that has been washed…. :P.Behind every care and protection there is a reasoning, condition and complication that the society has framed up for THIS particular sex….

Usual stereotypic statements like,

  • “Nalla kudumbaththu ponnunga na 6 maniku mela thaniya veliya poga koodathu…” (Girls from a dignified family should not go alone outdoors after 6 pm).
  • “Pombala pulla… Adakka odukkama iru….” (Being a girl child… Stay calm and composed)
  • “Ponna porantha veettu velai ellam seiyanum… Samachchu podanum… Pathiram kazhuvanum… Thuni thovaikanum… Ithellam namma thaan seiya vendiya velai…”(If you’re born as a girl, you have to take care of all household chores like cooking, washing the utensils and clothes… These are all the duties prescribed only for a girl)
  • More bullets……

As is the introduction of this post…. I could not choose my sex… It’s chosen by the biology and it has irreversibly happened… But I always have the right to choose other factors like my preference of work, my attitude, my costume, my place of settlement, my interests, my partner…. Even the choice of “if” or “not” to have a partner…. Just because I am born a girl, doesn’t mean that the blackish sky is restricted for my solitude… Just because I am a girl, doesn’t mean that I have a natural interest in doing all household chores….. Just because I will grow to be a woman doesn’t mean that my calmness should predominate my character and attitude…. I may be a person who loves to travel alone in the midnight and still be a female… I may be a person who enthusiastically expresses my feelings in a considerably huge crowd and still be a girl… I may be a person who is workaholic in an office and a sleepy head at home and still be a woman…. My choice of life hasn’t determined my sex and so does it not change it too….

I am not insisting to “LET ME BE WHAT I AM….” I am TELLING “I AM WHAT I AM….”


Nothing gives me greater peace than MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS…. And I am in greater peace….. 🙂


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