What actually is your IDENTITY….???

The scorching issue of Swathi murder has been reburnt with the murder or suicide, whatever, with the death of the accused Ramkumar…. People seem to concentrate more on Ramkumar’s death than on the actual issue of Swathi…. Any event becomes an issue only when it contributes to Media’s TRP rate…. And Swathi gave such a special concern…. After its boredom, has now come Ramkumar who contributed his life back to the TRPs…. The media had a chance to make common people of Swathi’s family popular just by concentrating on them… But, now in Ramkumar’s issue, common people have lost their chance to be popular just because all the celebrity faces,  like Thirumavalavan, Vaiko, Kalaignar and other political tools have come into the grounds for justice just because Ramkumar belongs to the “so-called” low caste… None of these faces appeared during Swathi’s murder issue for her justice and just because she was a “so-called” higher caste girl….


Stupidity in Swathi’s case

All cultural protectors of India had boomed up from no where and that was absolutely not for justice but for “advice” on women’s safety… They were at the peak of their energy and enthusiasm in advising women to,

  • Avoid unknown friendships
  • Stay indoors
  • Always be cautious
  • Inform your parents about any external disturbances

Bla bla bla….

Why aren’t these lectures given to a male who actually commits crime… In India, has it become hereditary to fix a girl’s character or to take the rights on her body and life in accordance with her dress, her outing times, the places she visits and the gender of the ones who accompany her….??? Swathi’s sister was more stupid to brand Swathi’s character with her devotion to God…. Just because Swathi reads Vishnu Sahasranam everyday on the way to office and visits Sri Vishnu Temple on her return, doesn’t mean that girls who don’t do that are whores and they deserve to be killed… Being pious is not a sign of good character… At the same time, the intention is not to say that Swathi has a negative character…. If taken in this context, the fraudulent males are all dependent on their pious beliefs and God’s power in helping them in their fraudulence with an agreement of share of profit to the Almighty….

People argued on the fact that if Swathi had told her parents about Ramkumar they would have prevented the murder… Of course, they would have…. But How….????

They would have not only prevented the killing of Swathi… They would have also prevented the living of Swathi…. Swathi will have been forcefully resigned from her job… She would have been locked inside the house with emotional padlock….. And Ramkumar or whoever the person who was after her might be…. Would have found another girl to follow and pester and murder…. Ultimately, the loss belongs to Swathi….


Politics in Ramkumar’s case

The extra additional attention towards justice for Ramkumar has come out of caste revolution… Just to show that the lower caste has also got power and it can also stand against the higher caste for justice, people who blindly believe it are into this politics…. When Swathi’s parents cried over her body, none of these personalities showed up beyond social media… When it comes to Ramkumar’s death…. Before even proving or disproving the accusation on him, a lawyer comes to his aid… All caste suffered, progressive minded politicians come to protest for justice…. Many more…. When Ramkumar’s father shouts “En pullaiya konnutanga…” (They’ve killed my son), in my other ear, I listen to Swathi’s father who would still be shouting the same even after months of her death…. Just like the higher caste once targeted the lower caste, now these people reversing the strategy in revenge and curbing the actual justice that could have been given to a girl and also instigating hatred divisions on a particular community which need not necessarily be responsible for…. Another extreme is never a solution for any one extreme….


The Identity fantasy

What else would be the main reason for this mis-fit revenge of extremes, other than “IDENTITIY”….??? Maya Eswaran was praised globally for expressing her “longingness” on her mother  tongue, through which she actually meant the “belongingness”  on “Tamizhian” identity…. Wanting to have her mother tongue in her blood and heart is appreciable but craving for the “Identity” is likely to become atrocious someday, because the so-called “Identity” is the prior thing that has created all cracks of division…..

“A foreigner drew a magic line on the map and that became a river of blood on earth” was the commentary on India- Pakistan division by Rohinton Mistry in his book “A Fine Balance”…. This river of blood was actually fed by the “identity intolerance” towards a different sector. Keith Scott, a Black-American was shot allegedly on Tuesday on suspicion of carrying a Gun in his hand but which his family claims to be a “Book”…. The White Americans responsible for the semi-valid defence and also for the present curfew in the Charlotte city of the United States are reluctant to release the original video of the event in fear of abusing their identity and also in the eagerness of abusing the other’s…. The common conclusion or introduction always given to justify an “Identity” is the PROTECTION  that would be offered by the same…  But as far as I know, the purpose is not even partially satisfied rather it has been an open latch to perform abuses….. Even if the PROTECTION has been some kind of reality evidence, then please….


Which does not gives the chance to anyone to hurt anyone….




P.S. : Until now, I am clear that THIS was responsible for suppressing and stamping down people in the name of caste for centuries…. But I really don’t understand How THIS was responsible for Ramkumar’s death… Just because may be Swathi was a Brahmin….???


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