From the 6th minute of birth…..

When the umbilical cord releases a combinational bunch of bones wrapped in a toned skin and filled with a scarlet fluid, the scream which is double by sound but united by emotions is heard aloud. A warm welcome to the new born. The cleansing process by the professionals and the relaxing moment by the creator goes on. What next….??

A visit to the new life. Large eyes scrolling within a little base called face. The pinkish little feet and fingers calling out for something or somebody. Enchanted view and the ecstatic feel. It has been 5 minutes since the arrival of the little life on this big earth.

5.50, 5.51, 5.52, 5.53, 5.54, 5.55, 5.56, 5.57, 5.58, 5.59,……………………………………

The 6th minute is about to arrive in a moment. Well before that, here is a message unknown for the baby…. A Warning my heart craves to express…. But impossible….

The very new being is about to get into a responsibility…. A very big responsibility right from when the timer strikes 6.00 since the arrival…. Someone is going to name him/her now… And the name is accompanied with identifications… The identifications were long long long looooooong ago named as CASTE, RELIGION,NATIONALITY etc…..

That’s it….!! The timer has struck 6.00 and the baby is now stuck in this… Carrying and defending something that he/she did not even choose…. That he/she did not even know on what basis was that PARTICULAR identification was imposed…. Why is he/she not allowed to change it….??? FOREVER….

The birth certificate asks for the identity…. To provide a certification for that particular identity….

The educational institution teaches non-discrimination… But THOSE fields in the admission form are marked with an asterisk symbol….

Marriage proposals ask for it even before the hearts are allowed to interact… For the question “Why..?” here, the obvious answer would be “Preservation of culture”….

But… As far as I know, no child was born in a particular communal cultural manner… No child was born with a specific religious symbol… Nor any child was born with a flag of any nation…. But every child is born with a heart… And every heart is filled with LOVE…. Defending is OK… But it’s great when it comes to LOVE which has an unconsciously conscious meaning rather than the aggressive, MORE of meaning LESS…

We don’t even have to serve all…. Lets just LOVE all….

Lets just remember this….

The Ayodhya conflict of Lord Ram’s temple and Babar mosque was not a conflict between Lord Ram and Allah… That was between a HINDU and a MUSLIM….


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